Fear of God 2017 Collection

Fear of God collection

Fear of god is inspired by the high school cool kid

Fear of God has made its way into the fashion industry in quite a sudden way. The brand joins streetwear and luxury in a way that many others tried and failed. The style of the clothing is just inebriating.

In 2016, the brand launched a footwear line and collaborated with mastermind JAPAN in a line that left us heartbroken for not being able to get everything. Now, as 2017 is starting, a new collection is here, and it is everything we hoped for.

Fear of God collection

The brand’s designer, Jerry Lorenzo, took inspiration in his childhood and created a collection inspired by the 90s cool kid. That kid wore baseball jackets and distressed jeans.

These were times where the high school athlete dictated what was cool or not, and could make anything work just by looking around in his closet. There was no Instagram and Pinterest to take inspiration from.

Fear of God collection

The collection includes 96 full looks, with meshes against leather, French Terry, sweat jerseys and the classic flannels, denim and khakis. This is a cool collection, and we predict we will be hearing a lot about Fear of God this year.

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