Fenyr Supersport car by W Motors

Fenyr Supersport by W Motors

Fenyr: Fast, furious and named after a wolf

After only four years of life, W Motors surprises again with a supercar whose design lets everyone wanting to be a millionaire. We are talking about the Fenyr.

The Fenyr SuperSport, named after the most aggressive and vicious wolf in mythology, is definitely becoming an icon in automotive history. All because of its design and power. The second supercar by W Motors is a product of the design team led by Anthony Jannarelly.


The car goes from 0 to 100 in less than 3 seconds and has 900 of horsepower. This spectacular car has a carbon-fiber body and a light-weight aluminium chassis, all thinking in the performance.

The Fenyr’s general shape resembles the Lykan, W Motors’ previous model. However, the many additional cuts, breaks and angles across the carbon fiber body give it an edgier appearance.

Only 25 units will be produced each year, and the price is set at 1.5-2 million dollars.

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