Capsule Collection by FILA x Pepsi

FILA x Pepsi

FILA and Pepsi joined forces to create a capsule collection

It seems that nowadays all major brands make unexpected collaborations and create collections together with other designers, brands and celebrities. After collaborating with monkey time, FILA just announced a new collab.

Following the fashion of collaborations between major brands, FILA and Pepsi recently collaborated to create a capsule collection together. An initial look at the collection features caps, t-shirts, shorts and socks.

FILA x Pepsi

These pieces feature both companies logos in red, white and blue, interestingly both brands’ colors. The merchandising features Pepsi’s vintage persona from the ‘50s.

FILA is a South Korean sports brand, founded in Italy in 1911. After a crisis, the brand is back at the top of its game and is one of the world’s largest sportswear manufacturing brands.

FILA x Pepsi

Pepsi was first created in 1893 and is known in North America as Pepsi-Cola since 2014. The beverage brand has collaborated with a lot of fashion brands like The Hundreds and Urban Outfitters. We can’t wait for the launch of the collection!

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