Fitted Caps by Fear of God x New Era

Fear of God caps

The two brands joined forces to create caps

Fear of God is becoming the go-to brand for both men and women who look for creative pieces that are actually wearable. The brand’s designs are easily identifiable for their silhouettes and luxurious details. Now, the two brands collaborated to create caps.

The newest collection, “Fifth Collection” was made in collaboration with New Era and features baseball references that echo through designer Jerry Lorenzo’s childhood memories.

Fear of God caps

Fear of God and Buffalo-based New Era created a two-cap collection that features fitted caps in two colorways. The colors are navy and vintage gold. The caps will go into production in New Era’s facilities in Buffalo with interior labeling by Fear of God.

The collection takes inspiration by Fear of God’s designer childhood memories of going to baseball games with his father. So, it would be fair that some of the proceeds went to the Major League Baseball Urban Youth Foundation, RBI and the Jerry Manuel Foundation.

Fear of God caps

The two colorways feature old school branding elements of both brands. They cost around 300 dollars, which is not cheap for a cap. If you want to have an ultra-stylish cap and also help inner cities baseball organisations, purchase these caps.

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