Floor Pillow by KILLSPENCER


KILLSPENCER created a pillow for a quick nap or a cozy work session

KILLSPENCER was born in 2009 as a personal project of industrial designer Spencer Nikosey. The designer was trying to create the perfect waterproof backpack, and as word about his work spread and demand became huge, it became a full-time job.

Every product is handmade and is extremely functional. The brand focuses on luxury products for travelling, tech, and athletic accessories. The most recent product launched is a giant floor pillow.


The Floor Pillow by KILLSPENCER is made of premium full-grain leather and is big enough to fit a human being. You can use it for a quick nap or just as a comfortable alternative to a chair or sofa.

You can order it in small and large, depending on the space you have available and also for what you want to use it. This product is a limited edition and is only available in black leather.


This is a perfect product for a clean, minimal, yet chic house. If you love to just sit on the floor or read a book in you bedroom, this might be an ideal solution for you.

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