Ford Mustang Watches by REC

REC watch made with pieces from a Mustang

Ever thought of turning your old Muscle Car into a timepiece Watch? REC did

REC is a company that transforms scrap elements into design works. How? Picking up old cars and turning them into luxury watches.

The brand has several collections made with pieces of different iconic brands. Those brands are Porsche 911, the Ford Mustang and Mini Coopers. The name of the brand -REC- comes from the concept RECOVER, RECYCLE and RECLAIM.

REC watch made with pieces from a Mustang

First, REC recovers salvaged icons from all over the world. They track its origin and previous owner to tell the story of the pieces that the brand includs in each watch.

In addition, REC recycles the components, preserving as much as of the patina as possible. Finally, they reclaim the pieces, honoring the original design.

The most recent is the Ford Mustang collection. Initially, Ford created the Mustang to be a variant of the Ford Falcon but eventually became an icon of American muscle cars. The name comes from the country’s only breed of wild horses.

Nowadays, car lovers consider the Mustangs collection items and REC decided to turn the pieces abandoned in garages into pieces of jewelry, incorporating them into watches.

REC watch made with pieces from a Mustang

REC’s Ford Mustang collection includes three models available in different colors and inspired by the dashboard of the car, namely the speedometer and the tank counter. As a result, the finishes are all high quality and every watch is unique, there are not two equal watches.

REC watches can be ordered from the official REC website.

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