Former Playmates recreate their iconic cover shots

This Playboy spread shows that beauty knows no age

Playboy magazine has long been known for its daring photographic sessions, with a lot of nudity and no bias. The brand has recently redefined its image. So, Playboy announced that it would not again have completely naked women on the cover.

Despite this, nothing deletes the magazine’s past, which is both bold and iconic. Firstly, Playboy normalized the nude and made it beautiful in the eyes of a very conservative generation.

So, the magazine has invited seven former playmates – including some who have lived in the Playboy mansion – to re-create their most iconic covers. The goal was to show that her beauty and sensuality is not directly related to age.

Although they are no longer young, these women have shown that having confidence is the most important thing to be sensual. The concept of the session was precisely to take the covers made by the playmates twenty, thirty and forty years ago, and reimagine them in the present.

The result is in these photos. Finally, it seems to me a very important message to pass on, especially in a society obsessed with perfection. Women are capable of almost anything to remain young and beautiful. These women have shown that beauty is not restricted to twenty-year-old women, and we applaud them for it.

Those who appeared in the recreated covers include Cathy St. George (1982), Charlotte Kemp (1982), Monique St. Pierre (1979), Renee Tenison (1990), Candace Collins (1979), Lisa Matthews (1991) and Kimberly Conrad Hefner (1988).

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