Glass Straps by portuguese brand Kukka

Glasses straps are the new it accessory and we are loving this trend

When I was little, my parents noticed that I bumped into doors and fell a lot. First, they thought that I was just a clumsy kid, but a quick trip to the eye doctor revealed that I actually had a poor eyesight. I needed glasses.

I started wearing glasses when I was about five years old but as it is normal in a young child, every time I took them for any reason I would leave them there. My school teacher suggested glass straps and from then on I never lost my glasses again. However, as I got older, I started believing that that was not a very cool accessory, especially as a teenager. It was bad enough that I had to wear glasses, so one by one I started to lose track of my straps. It wasn’t until last year that I started seeing all the cool kids wearing these colorful straps.

Suddenly, they were a hot item all over again, so I searched my house for my old ones. Couldn’t find them, so searched online for a brand that would sell them and found Kukka, a portuguese brand that designs handmade straps.

Kukka was born because its creator Joana believed that the chains on sale at the optics were too basic, so she decided to innovate and created models in leather, with pompoms and ethnic fabrics. The most expensive is € 10.

The “Australian” collection features 38 models – 10 of them in crochet. The rest are made with pompoms, leather and ethnic fabrics, with colors like orange, blue, purple and pink. “I also have the three basic ones, in black, gold and silver,” he says.

At Kukka – the name is a tribute to the boxer family dog who died – there are models for man and woman and two for kids. Prices range from € 8.50 to € 10 (for crochet belts and ethnic pattern).
All straps are 60 centimeters in length and fit to sunglasses and graduated glasses. They are perfect for my needs and now I have more than 12 models!

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