Good Hair Day by Nikita Konkin

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A Good Hair Day is very important

Packaging is essential. Our eyes are naturally travel to original packing that makes us want to buy a certain item. It is no different with food. So, russian designer Nikita Konkin created a fun design concept for packaging pasta that is driving the Internet crazy. The name of the concept is Good Hair Day.

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The concept is actually really simple: it consists of a box with a cut-out image of a woman with different hairstyles. For distinctive types of pasta, there is a different cut-out that creates a fabulous hairstyle.

For example, Fettucine resembles beautiful wavy locks, spaghettoni creates straight hair and cavatappi results in a surprisingly realistic curly look. The woman’s face is always the same, only the shape of the cut-out and the pasta changes.

Good Hair Day by Nikita Konkin)

Nikita Konsin shared this design concept on behance without any comments or description, but the design-lovers were quick to notice it and share it immensely.

Good Hair Day by Nikita Konkin

Although this undoubtedly a very clever display, there is no sign that is it actually going to be used by a brand. We would really love to see it in our supermarket stands!

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