Gucci Nike Air Force 1 Mid by FRE Customs


If you love Gucci and you love Nike, meet FRE Customs

If you love Gucci and you love a good Nike sneaker, this product is for you. You probably won’t be able to grab a pair, but at least you can admire its beauty from your computer.

FRE Customs take brand classics, such as Yeezis or Nike Air Force 1 and take them to a whole other level by making them custom. All the work they perform is handmade.


They have once again turned our dreams into reality with their Gucci Ace-inspired white Nike Air Force 1 Mid. This version of the Nike iconic silhouette features the Air Force 1 Mid characteristics, but adds a delicate embroidered floral finish.

The floral pattern resembles the one present in some Gucci Ace’s creations, and makes the shoes so unique everyone wants to grab a pair.


Ihis is an exclusive creation: FRE Custom will only make 20 pairs, so your chances to catch a pair available are probably very low by now, but we’ll keep you posted on the possibilities of a future release.

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