Gym/Work Pack by DSPTCH joins work and gym

Gym/Work Pack by DSPTCH

Confort, sports and work all in one bag by DSPTCH

When you need to juggle between work and the gym but don’t want to carry multiple bags, a polyvalent backpack can be a life changer. However, there aren’t lots of options that combine the possibility to carry working out gear and work tools such as a laptop. DSPTCH took care of it.

Gym/Work Pack by DSPTCH


DSPTCH’s Gym/Work Bag is the solution for the problem. It is available in black, grey, black camo and navy blue.. Most of all, this backpack is built to satisfy the needs of the modern schedules.

This product not only looks good, it also does what it was envisioned to do. Besides being lined with a moisture-resistant nylon, it features separate padded compartments for laptop and tablet and a ventilated shoe compartment.

Gym/Work Pack by DSPTCH

In addition, a wet/dry pocket protects the electronic equipment from the sweaty clothes. For extra security, there’s a secret pocket at the bottom of the bag. The DSPTCH’s Gym/Work Bag has the capacity for 25L.

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