Helios bag by Moshi


Carrying a laptop in style

Helios is a backpack designed specially to carry a laptop. It was created by Moshi, a brand than reimagines objects to make them practical and meet today’s challenges.helios-laptop-backpack-moshi-competition_dezeen_2364_col_3

The Helios backpack is very lightweight and features a water-repellent coating. Vegan leather straps make it seriously fashionable without harming any animals to produce this product.

The design is slim and perfect for people who need to carry a 15’’ laptop but also books, water bottles and other objects people usually carry. The Helios bag features numerous compartments to store smartphones, cables, pens, among others.


A secret pocket holds space for a wallet and documents and the bag also has magnetic straps closures with custom metal buckles. The design is ideal for people who are active and live busy lives.

The Helios bag can be purchased in different materials and colors, and also in various tones of the vegan leather material. The Helios bag is a perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones.

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