H&M Love for all collection

Credits: H&M Love for All Collection

Pride Month at its finest: Love for All

Gay pride or LGBT pride is the positive stance against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people, promoting their dignity and equality rights. Love for all is an innitiave of Pride Month.

Pride Month is celebrated every year since 1969. During the 30 days of June, there are events dedicated to the LGBT community worldwide. However, not only events are organised. Fashion brands also take the opportunity to launch new collections with pieces connected to this theme. German brand Adidas did it, and now H&M also released a pride themed collection.

Credits: H&M Love for All Collection
The brand launched more than 30 pieces of clothing and has announced that 10% of the sales will revert to UN Free & Equal, the UN Human Rights Council campaign that works with activists and equality leaders with the goal of changing the way the world views homosexuality and gender identity.

The collection is called “Love For All” and has its own hashtag #HMLoveForAll. The brand states that they “hope people will use the Love For All collection to celebrate Pride and their success”. H&M even says that the brand believes in love, love is love, no matter what.

Credits: H&M Love for All Collection
The collection features hooded sweaters, shirts, t-shirts, caps, bags and even 70’s retro-inspired socks. Every piece comes with a positive and pro-love message. You can purchase the #Loveforall collection at the brand’s online shop.

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