How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Dollar Store Items

 Christmas Tree with Dollar Store Items

Making a Christmas tree look expensive

Christmas is a time when budgets are stretched so as to buy gifts, fill the candy table and decorate the house. Creating a Christmas tree at home may seem like a difficult and expensive task but it can be cheap.

Today we show you how to create a Christmas tree with an expensive look, only using dollar store products. In total, the author of the video spent less than 50 dollars.

The youtuber starts by placing a red garland along the tree, then placing a gold-like one. Then she placed some golden branches and red and gold stars throughout the tree.

The Christmas’ tree color scheme is undoubtedly based in golden and red, with the holiday colors dominating all the ornaments. She also uses some red and gold balls.

This tutorial is proof that we can have a pretty full Christmas tree with an expensive look just by using dollar store items.

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