HP Sprocket Printer by HP

If you love photography and HP this is for you

Has it happened to you to go out with friends, want to record a moment and keep a memory forever? Of course. Luckily cell phones gave us the facility to capture the good times much more easily than before.

However, with the banality of photography, we stopped having photos hanging in the room and glued to the walls, simply because we do not print them. We keep everything on the phone until the day we lose it and we lose everything with it.

HP has created a device that can be very useful in these situations. It’s called HP Sprocket Printer and it’s a mini printer with the ZINK technology from HP. Zink is a portmanteau of “zero ink,” which is a full-color printing system for digital devices that does not require ink cartridges and prints in a single pass.

The HP Sprocket is exceptionally easy to use and prints straight from your phone. It features an image editing tool that will encourage your creative side. You can use the HP Sprocket App to quickly print your social media photos.

It works with Bluetooth connectivity so anyone that connects to it can print.The HP Sprocket is about the size of a cell phone, and weighs around 170 grams.

You can take this portable printer literally anywhere. You even have the option of printing photos or stickers, depending on what type of paper you decide to print on. It solved a lot of challenges for me and saved me the time of printing photos in my home printer of in a store. I just love it!

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