i.am+ Buttons by Will.i.am


Will.i.am surprised us again with Buttons

Music genius Will.i.am has not been releasing music for quite some time, as he is an accomplished music producer now. However, this is not his only career. Will.i.am is known for his criative ideas and talent for design. Buttons is the proof.

This time, he graced the world with a pair of wireless headphones whose design was inspired by the shape of vinyl records. The new i.am+ Buttons have magnetic metallic discs in their backs. Additionally, they join to form a necklace when not in use.


You can connect them to your device through Bluetooth as they don’t have a headphone jack just like the infamous iphone 7’s airpods. In fact, this is not a coincidence: the i.am+ Buttons were created in partnership with Apple.

When fully charged, they have over six hours of battery life. These headphones can be a nice alternative to Apple’s wireless headphones, which were criticized when they were release, with people stating that they could easily lost.


Will.i.am states that these headphones were design to match people’s outfits. This it is something often ignored. “You know, we all love buying shoes to match our outfits and bags to match our outfits, but for some reason we don’t expect our technology to match our outfits,” told the producer to New York Times. You can purchase the Buttons in black, grey, rose or gold.

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