IKEA teaches you how to cook!

Photo: IKEA

IKEA has created a set of recipes for people who can not cook.

We have all assembled a piece of furniture from IKEA and we certainly recognize that the assembly instructions – supposedly very simple – can be a real puzzle.

But IKEA doesn’t live of furniture only: in its latest creation, it teaches its consumers how to cook. Yes, you read well, the sweedish furniture brand has developed a tool to teach the most fearful or shy in the kitchen to make new dishes.

Photo: IKEA

The name of the project is “Cook This Page”. It consists of recipe sheets in which the ingredients are drawn in the correct proportions for each dish. For example, the sheet containing the salmon recipe in the oven has illustrations of the salmon slices. Also, of all the condiments to be used.

The user only has to buy the ingredients, put them on top of the sheet – made of parchment paper and in edible ink -, wrap the sheet and put it in the oven. Then it’s delightful!

Photo: IKEA

The project is the result of a partnership between IKEA and Leo Burnett, a marketing company. It was recently presented at a Swedish brand event in Canada.

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