Immigrant t-shirt by Robert Geller


The most sought after t-shirt is finally here

When German-born fashion designer Robert Geller took his bow after his Fall//Winter 2017 runway show at New York Fashion Week, he was wearing a t-shirt that would become a instant hit right away.

The DIY t-shirt Geller wore had the word “Immigrant” hand-painted in pink. The work was made by his wife, Ana Beatriz Lerario the morning before the show. After realizing the great interest aroused by the t-shirt, the designer was surprised. He revealed that the piece of clothing is a tribute to many fashionable immigrants, including himself.


Now, Geller collaborated with Grailed to launch a 10 year anniversary hoodie. He also joined forces to recreate the now iconic immigrant t-shirt. The design is similar to the one worn by Geller, with a grey background and pink text across the chest.

The creation of the t-shirt comes after the immigration ban ordered by president Donald Trump, which the designer saw as an opportunity to make a statement. The proceeds from the sales will go to benefit the ACLU, a non-profit organization whose stated mission is “to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties”.


As defenders of liberty of individuals, we believe this t-shirt sends a powerful message of support to immigrants. This is a great initiative. Also, the proof that design can have an active weight in the defense of humans rights. We would love to purchase one!

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