Instapump Fury Sandals by Reebok Classic


The new InstaPump Fury Sandals are one of the hottest items dropping this Summer

The Reebok InstaPump Fury is an ugly sneaker. No one in the world can say otherwise. However, without any explanation why, it has also become one of the coolest shoes on the market.

The InstaPump Fury was released 25 years ago, during Reebokā€™s experimental phase. The goal was to create a sneaker that appealed to the modern runner, but it became a streetwear icon instead.


Now, with Summer arriving, there is a new option in stores for those who love a beautiful ugly shoe: the InstaPump Fury Sandal. Yes, you read it nicely. There is a sandal version of the InstaPump Fury.

Reebok has officially launched a new silhouette that combines the form of the InstaPump Fury and the side cutouts of a summer sandal. The shoe is available in an all-white colorway.


Some Silver ups the attention-grabbing element along with cutouts on the sides and there are no laces in this version of the experimental shoe. These sandals are perfect for the most adventurous, as they are definitely not for everyone.

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