KFC Internet Escape Pod

Photo: KFC

Besides Fried Chicken, KFC also makes internet escape structures

KFC wants to rescue its customers from the internet this Christmas, so added an Escape Pod to its product lineup. The brand says that this invention is meant to “escape the holiday-related technological noise.”
KFC noticed that people feel the burden of technology during the holiday season so decided to create an anti-technology product.

The escape pod comes with a chicken leg-shaped door handle and a Colonel Harland Sanders replica embracing the top. For those who don’t know, Colonel Harland David Sanders was an American businessman, best known for founding fast food chicken restaurant chain Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Photo: KFC

Inside the pod, there’s room for four adults .KFC built the pod in a steel structure adorned with enamel paint and 8-pound high-density architectural foam designed to block the internet coming to and from your devices.

The crazy thing is that this product costs $10,000 USD but some people are actually thinking of buying it and we believe it. Some time ago, they sold a $20,000 chicken-sandwich shaped meteorite– to a vegetarian.

Photo: KFC

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