Japan Collection by Fenty x Stance


Bad girls use cool socks

Rihanna is back with another fashion collaboration, this time with sock fashion brand Stance. It is their third project together, but this one is our favorite yet.

The newest sock collection is called Japan Collection and mixes the beauty of Japanese culture and street style punk movements.

Rihanna is the perfect incarnation of this mixed style, as she is herself the epitome of fashion experimenting. Rihanna’s latest collection is bold and fun, and not for everyone of course. This kind of socks is not for those who prefer to be discreet.

Stance has had various high-profile collaborations, such as Willow Smith and James Harden. The Japan Collection is made up of ten pairs of socks, all stamped with japanese symbols.

To announce the launch of the hose line, Rihanna posted beautifully designed illustrations from American artist in which she poses as a geisha.

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