JBL L100 Speakers

JBL L100 Speakers

JBL recreated the original L100 speakers

JBL is an American company that manufactures loudspeaker and electronics. JBL speakers are super popular nowadays, and not only to music experts.

The brand produces some accessible portable speaker models that people have on their homes. The original L100 speakers were JBL’s all-time, best-selling loudspeakers. They were in every music lover’s home during the 70s. The new version of the L100 took the design of the old ones and refresh it.

JBL L100 Speakers

Yesterday’s aesthetics and today’s technology combined in these new L100 loudspeakers. Despite the vintage design, they feature a powerful bass in a 12-inch cast-frame. The L100 speakers also feature high-frequency and mid-frequency L-pad attenuators on the front baffle. JBL L100 Speakers

They come in three colours: black, orange or blue. Personally, our favourite is the blue one. These beautiful speakers are built in genuine satin walnut wood veneer enclosure with black painted front and rear panels. All these elements bring the retro-design to these pieces.

They are not only beautiful and can serve as decoration, but they also provide great sound. Almost 50 years later, JBL surprised us again with these awesome L100 speakers.

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