Julie Collection by Tous


Tous takes inspiration from the discrete women

We know that, with regard to watchmaking, Tous usually opts for ultra minimalist models with simple strokes. The same goes for Julie, the new collection of the brand of Spanish origin, which does not need any ornamentation.

However, the icon of the brand in present as always: the teddy bear. The latest collection is designed for discreet women who excel for simplicity. Julie features three 34-millimeter-diameter watches and two Japanese quartz hands.


The watches can be purchased in three shades: silver, gold and rose gold – the dial is always the color of the bracelet. Our favorite is, of course, the rose gold, which is the color of the season.

With these new accessories, the brand wanted to embody its romantic spirit, hence having bet on neutral yet sophisticated tones. This may be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift so think about it if you still don’t have a present for your other half.


Tous was founded in 1920 by Spanish couple Rosa Oriol and Salvador Tous, parents of Rosa, Alba, Laura and Marta. The great expansion of the brand occurred in the 80’s and now has more than 500 spaces spread around the world.

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