Kamprite Tent Cot by Kamprite

Kamprite Tent Cot by Kamprite

A tent cot for those who love the wilderness

This is a product for those who love to go camping in the wild but are not willing to suffer from the elements and the discomfort of not be sleeping on a bed. With most campsites being on level ground, sleeping may be a problem for some people.Kamprite Tent Cot by Kamprite
Kamprite Tent Cot promises to solve that problem. This tent consists of two parts: an elevated sleeping platform and a matching tent. Being elevated allows you to sleep safe from insects, snakes, and rocks.

It also prevents you from getting wet when it rains. The tent is very easy to setup and supports 500lbs. It has enough space for you and your things, so you don’t have to worry about space. The tent cot has two doors and interior meshes for airflow and protection from bugs.

Kamprite Tent Cot by Kamprite
The tent’s frame is very light, as it is made from aluminum with anti-vibration hardware. You can fold it very easily, but we warn you that it might be a bit heavy to carry around through great distances.

We believe that this tent is a product of great design and a perfect combination for those who want to explore the wilderness but still be comfortable. A nice choice.

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