Karade chair by Inge van Gheel

Karade chair by Inge van Gheel

Karade chair : the ultimate outdoor relax chair

The Karade chair is the ultimate relax chair. Designed by Dutch designer Inge Van Gheel, this piece is more than furniture. Its simplicity is actually the result of a lot of thought.

The Karade has clean lines and features an innovative foam especially created for this chair. This particular material has its origins in car manufacturing. The foam is also UV-proof, and weather and waterproof.

Karade chair by Inge van Gheel
Its relax mechanism allows the chair to lock at any position for a perfect rest. The synchronized movement of the back, seat and leg rest allows the user to take a high resting place.

This is the great difference between the Karade chair and other chairs available on the market nowadays. Usually, garden chairs are not that comfortable, but this piece offers you the comfort a sofa can provide.

Karade is the result of a collaboration between Haelvoet NV and  Inge Van Gheel. Inge Van Gheel is a awarded product designer, based close to Brussels, Belgium.

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