KLOK- 01 by Klokers


Klokers created a watch inspired by a computer

French brand Klokers just launched their first timepiece, that features a creative dial design made of three rotating disks. The watch is called KLOK-01 and is unique, as it was inspired by an analog computer used in the 60s.

The KLOK-01 features a unique mechanism inspired by the circular slide rule the 60s computers had. Three concentric disks rotate at different speeds to show time along a red vertical axis. The dial is constantly in motion.


If you desire to change straps, you can do it very easily by pushing a button at 8 o’clock that unlocks the 44-milimetre head from the watch’s base.

You can find the watch head in three colors: yellow, black or indigo. You can also attach a standalone watch head to a fob to create a pocket watch which will give you an upgraded style.

Although the brand insists that this is not a luxury watch, the KLOK-01 was Swiss-made with a high-precision quartz movement. The brand officials say they chose this technology because they love well-made objects. This is a perfect Christmas present suggestion!

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