Kootek Self Defense Flashlight


Preparing for a zombie apocalypse

Today we present you a product that can save your life one day. All of us have been in situations when we needed a knife or a flashlight but neglected to leave home with that kind of instruments.

If we carried all the tools that could be useful in our everyday life in our pockets or bags, we would be carrying a lot of weight. Kootek Self Defense Flashlight can help you with at least three of the tools.

Kootek Self Defense Flashlight combines a flashlight, a knife, and a hammer. The flashlight is powered by a rechargeable battery, and is LED. It gives you three levels of brightness and works as a spotlight, a floodlight, and a beam focus.

You can attach a 3.5-inch blade to the end of the anti-slip handle, as well as removable attack hammer. This can be extremely useful for example, to bust car windows in case you are trapped.

The Kootek Self Defense Flashlight is water resistant and skidproof, excellent for outdoors environments such as camping, hiking, and trails. This product is one of a kind and can be extremely useful in life or death situations.

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