Lacoste replaced iconic Crocodile for other animals

Photo: Lacoste

A turtle, an iguana, and other animals are now Lacoste’s logo

French brand Lacoste found a creative way to use its platform for good. In this case, to support wildlife conservation.
Lacoste is known for its signature logo, a green crocodile. Now, Lacoste added new species to the collection. This is part of a limited edition in a partnership with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). They replaced their poles chest patches for other animals than the crocodile.

The new symbols include Sumatran Tiger, Kakapo Parrot, Anegada Iguana and Myanmar Tortoise. The goal is to raise money to save these endangered species. By purchasing each of these sweaters you are helping IUCN and Lacoste to advocate wildlife conservation around the world.

Photo: Lacoste

The number of jerseys available, with the logo of each animal, corresponds to the number of animals of this species that still exist in nature. For example, there are 50 poles of the Lemur-Sport of the North, which means that there are only that amount of lemurs of this species in its natural habitat.

In total, Lacoste made only 1,775 of these shirts, which means that there are these many animals of those species. The most threatened species featured is the Gulf of California porpoise: the brand made only 30 shirts with this animal.

Photo: Lacoste

The idea came for the campaign came from the ad agency BETC Paris. Lacoste unveiled the collection at Paris Fashion Week during its runway show. The poles were available at Lacoste online store but they are already sold out.

Half of the profits will go to IUCN’s conservation efforts, and the other half will go toward raising awareness for the cause and the Save Our Species program.

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