The latest iPhone 8 – or iPhone X – leaked features

iPhone X is coming later this year and there are a lot of rumours surrounding its features

The iPhone is ten years old. Yes, it’s true, it’s been ten years since the first one came out and it actually seems like it’s been with us forever.
The eighth iPhone in history is rumored to be called”X” to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Rumors suggest we may see up to three models — the iPhone 7S, the 7S Plus, and the iPhone X, expected to be an expensive celebratory model.

There is a lot of information online about Apple’s new smartphone. So, we decided to join all the infos we could gather about Apple’s new smartphone.

According to online sites, the iPhone 8 will feature a nearly bezel-less glass front and a completely glass back instead of the usual aluminum. It is suggested that Apple will be moving its Touch ID sensor into the display of the phone, but there is a feeling of uncertainty about this specific feature.

Some rumours state that it features a fingerprint sensor on its back. That already happens with a lot of Android phones, so that is not exactly new. Some sources say that the new phone looks more the with glass. The rear camera has been reoriented and a front facing camera module will allow facil and retinal scanning.

The smartphone by Apple is supposedly also water resistant and allows wireless charging. We can’t wait for the release of this gadget. We probably won’t be able to afford it, but, hey, we can dream, right?

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