Leggings that correct your Yoga postures are a reality now

Photo: dezeen

Wearable X created responsive leggings – don’t know what this means? Read this.

Tech brand Wearable X designed an innovative pair of leggings called Nadi X, that correct if the wearer’s yoga pose is not correct.

The Nadi X leggings feature five sensors embedded into the fabric, and connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone app to determine what position the wearer is in.

Photo: dezeen

A battery behind the knee feeds the pulses. Depending on how the body needs to be aligned, the vibrations vary.

Wearable X stated that they collaborated with over 50 yoga teachers to develop the app. Most of all, they understand the necessary alignments for each pose.

Photo: dezeen

Wearable X was born in 2013 with the launch of vibrating underwear in partnership with condom brand Durex. This is a perfect gift for yoga lovers.

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