Louis Vuitton Archlight sneaker is the ultimate chunky shoe

Archlight by Louis Vuitton

The Archlight sneaker is Louis Vuitton’s newest success piece

Jaden Smith has been rocking some pretty original sneakers and for months people have been wondering what was the brand behind such pretty-ugly shoes. In fact, the shoes were designed by Louis Vuitton.
The new Archlight sneaker was finally released along with LV’s Spring/Summer 2018. The design of the shoe is kind of futuristic but looks like some of those chunky sneakers we used to wear in the ‘90s.

Archlight sneakers by Louis Vuitton

They are called Archlight because of the high arch incorporated on the sole unit. Basically, it is Louis Vuitton’s take on Gucci’s Rhyton and Balenciaga’s Triple S sneaker. The shoe had such unexpected success that LV is releasing new colorways.

The new version of the sneaker features a wave-shaped outsole, LV tongue tag and monogram leather heel tab. One cool feature is that the Archlight was designed as a women’s footwear silhouette. However,  it has been worn by men and women.

Archlight by Louis Vuitton

The sneaker retails for approximately 1.090 US Dollars and you can purchase it at select locations such as the Fifth Avenue in NY and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

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