Lovely DIY Christmas Gift Tags

If you love custom details in your Christmas Gifts, this post is for you

There are some people who just love to add some sweet detailing to their gifts, wether it is a custom bow or a special tag with the recipients’ name on it. Today we bring you some examples of Christmas Gift tags you can make at home with simple materials that don’t require a lot of know how.

The first suggestion is the one shown in the first picture (above). With some scissors, thick paper and glue you can make these super sweet cards that you can use as a greeting card or as a name tag for your gifts. It is super easy, trust me!

The next example is this beautiful tag with a pine tree. You can make the base in cardboard and make the Christnas trees in green papel. You can even print some green sheets of paper if you prefer. Then, you just need scissors and glue and add the ribbon.



The second example we selected is a tag that says “made with love”. You can do it in a blanck white sheet of paper, and simply have some rope we all have in your garages. You can even add the person’s name and voilá,  you have some really sweet Christmas gift tags everyone is sure to love.


Im am sure everyone agrees that what is important is the thought you put in your tag, not how perfect it is. So don’t worry if they are not picture perfect or exactly the same as the one we show here. Merry Christmas!

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