Luxury Cabinets by Mattia Bonetti

Cabinets by Mattia Bonetti

Luxury at its finest by Mattia Bonetti

Born in 1952, Mattia Bonetti is a well-known designer who creates magical pieces of furniture that only in our wildest dreams we could imagine.

His designs are unique and surreal, with a touch of whimsical that breaks the limits of art and design. His creations are true works of art and are the centerpiece of any room.

Cabinets by Mattia Bonetti

Bonettiā€™s work includes materials like patinated bronze, acrylic, wood, rock crystal, marble, glass, and gemstones. He has worked with the same ateliers and artisans since the early years of his career. Additionally, he also tries to innovate, using 3d printing and robotics.

The luxury that characterizes his work is a result of his imagination and personality, as he has stated before that he does not follow trends. His pieces are timeless and blend with every environment they are put in.

Cabinets by Mattia Bonetti

Our favorite pieces are his cabinets. From acrylic to bronze, the unique materials give the designs a sense of luxury. They could only remind us of Louis XIV palaces.

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