M1 Electric Skateboard by Inboard

Skateboar by Inboard

Inboard launches new electric skateboard

Every once in awhile a new electric skateboard is launched and skateboarders all around the world rejoice. Electric skateboards are so in trend right now, but people don’t usually find their large batteries very practical. Inboard has a solution.

That is not the case of the Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard, whose electric motor is hidden in the rear wheels, making it look more of a regular board. The only difference is that it works with electric power.

Skateboar by Inboard

The board comes with a remote, with headlights and taillights for those who love to ride at night. It also features a carrying case to protect the board when you get to your destination.

The M1 is charged in just 90 min and has a seven to ten-mile autonomy. According to Inboard, this electric skateboard feels exactly like a standard skateboard and is super functional. It only takes a few seconds to swap the battery.

Skateboar by Inboard

The M1 reaches an impressive 24mph and is water resistant. If you are in love with skateboarding but too lazy to use your own feet to make the motion, this may be the perfect gift for yourself.

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