Married in Manolos by Manolo Blahnik


This is your chance to be Carry Bradshaw

It wasn’t by chance that Carrie Bradshaw wore blue shoes on the second attempt to marry Mr. Big: according to tradition, the bride must wear a blue piece for luck. And if that blue piece ends up being Manolo Blahnik’s shoes, that is even better.

Spanish designer Manolo Blahnik just launched a bridal line of shoes and decided that all the shoes would have a blue detail.”Married in Manolos” features high heels, flat shoes and even sandals.

However, here is one special pair of shoes from the collection that stands out a: we refer to the model that the protagonist of “Sex and the City” used on her wedding. Since the creation of the brand, women from all over the world always wore Manolo’s shoes.

Because of that search for Blahnik’s shoes, the designer decided to create the line that combines shoes for the bride and the groom and is thought for every moment of the wedding (even the last hours, when you can not stand in you feet anymore).


It is not yet known when the collection arrives and how much the shoes will cost, but these photos left us dreaming about the wedding we are not going to have! Beautiful designs.

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