Mask Spirit by Brandiziac Branding Agency

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Wine bottles you won’t want to throw away

Brandiziac developed the label design for a collection of New World wines produced in limited editions for VinProdService.  

This collection features typical wine varieties like Cabernet and Sauvignon from regions like New Zealand, Chile and South Africa. The graphics are inspired by masks uses throughout the world.

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The ethnic element is approached in such a beautiful and original way that it makes us want to travel to the places where those masks are used in rituals and ceremonies.

The design uses volumetric applique, stylizing masks still worn today, but giving them a luxurious feel with bright colours and original packing.


Each bottle has its own personality. A bottle of Sauvignon is very distinct from a bottle of Cabernet, but all of them are beautiful. This is a very smart and original design.

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