Memobottle by Flank Pty


Carrying a bottle has never been so cool


Have you ever tried to put a water bottle in your briefcase and realised it didn’t quite fit? You’re not alone. For years, the popular round water bottle has been a popular item among the masses. People buy one and then throw it away.

However, there is a product that is about to change that. Fitting a bottle in your laptop bag will never be a problem again with Memobottle , a flat rectangular water bottle that promises to reduce the amount of plastic bottles in the world.


Tired of the amount of bottles seen around them, Flank Pty created a durable reusable bottle made of recycled plastic that you can wash in the dishwasher and carry everywhere.

The Memobottle resembles a flask and holds the same quantity of liquid as a standart round bottle. It comes in A5 and A6 size and it’s only 3 cm wide.


Because of its shape, the Memobottle fits perfectly in laptop bags, briefcases and pockets. This product is not only practical but eco-friendly as it can used again and again.

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