For a men who loves motorcycles: Yamaha FZ09


This Yamaha FZ09 is the perfect choice for the man who loves bikes and wants to feel free

Nothing in the world beats freedom, freedom to live the way you wish to. Free from all boundaries, the feeling of being you, being bold is when one finds its true self.

It was on my second marriage anniversary, when my wife – who knew about my passion for bikes – presented me this Yamaha FZ09. As I moved around it to take a look at it, I felt like a teenager whose dream had come true.


I sit on the seat and I feel ultimate. As it says, this Yamaha FZ09 is the ultimate street fighter.I started the bike and woosh I went, on the streets like a superhero. This birthday seemed so special because it made me feel young, courageous and bold.

This Yamaha FZ09 weighs only 425 pounds so the ride is smooth and easy. With a powerful engine and advanced electronic systems, this bike comes in three colours, Candy Red, Matte Silver and Intensity White.


My personal favorite is Candy Red. It’s chic, classy and super sexy. With optimized chassis dimensions, it is sporty, light with an upright riding position to maintain your posture while speeding. Its new adjustable fork allows you to have control over the road conditions and riding styles.

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