Modern Future Drawstring Backpack by Gucci

Forget your old gym bag, a new gucci gym bag is here

If you are one of those people who go to the gym with the worst outfit they have and an old bag, this post is not for you. The product we present today is for the woman who likes to go to the gym at her best and with the most sleek workout gear. Of course, it’s Gucci.

Gucci listened to your prayers and decided to launch a drawstring backpack that was presented to us as a gym bag, but can actually be used in any context. It is beautiful enough for this.

The gucci drawstring backpack follows the graphic line of the latest collection of the Italian brand, Modern Future, featuring the same retro lettering that automatically transports us to one of Tupac’s t-shirts.

The backpack exists in three iterations, two in brocade and the last in an embroidered version. All versions have a clear Asian/Indian inspiration, and are authentic statement pieces.

The backpack has a small front pocket in the form of an envelope where you can carry smaller personal objects. It does not seem that the size is suitable to carry gym gear, but if you are super minimalist, this backpack is definitely for you. Another Gucci masterpiece!

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