Namorar Portugal Sunglasses

Namorar Portugal sunglasses

Made in Portugal sunglasses that share love

“Lenços dos Namorados” or in English, Valentine handkerchieves, are one of the most romantic Portuguese traditions. A Valentine’s handkerchief is a handkerchief made from a fine linen cloth or cotton scarf, embroidered with various motifs.

It was customary for the girl in love to embroider her handkerchief. Then, she would hand it over to her lover when he went away. The handkerchieves usually feature embroidered verses, in addition to several designs, some standardized, having their own symbologies.

Namorar Portugal sunglasses

Now, in an attempt to bring back that tradition in a more modern way, a Portuguese brand called “Namorar Portugal”, which means Dating Portugal, created a collection of sunglasses that feature some phrases usually seen in Valentine’s handkerchieves.

Design and production, all happens in Portugal. They are unique and feature a modern design,” says Madalena Lira, author of the idea. The collection features three female models and three masculine versions.

Namorar Portugal sunglasses

One of the main distinguishing aspects is the recovery of the phrases of the “Valentine’s Handkerchieves”. This is because “as real admirers of Portugal and love, we decided to go get the symbol that has a perfect harmony between history and passion,” recalls Madalena Lira. A perfect gift for your soulmate!

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