Never lose your bike keys again with BitLock

Unlock your bike without keys with this awesome device

The most embarrassing and irritating moment of my life, that keeps coming in, forgetting my keys wherever I sit. Not that I have a short memory but perhaps I tend to lose the most important things only.

Very soon I found out about BitLock; a unique lock system without any keys. How does it work? With your cell phone. Yes, you got me right. BitLock works with your cell phone system. So I simply sync it and press the BitLock button on my phone application and lock/unlock my bike system. With BitLock, I can create my own bike share system and share it with my friends and family so that they access to my location.

BitLock comes with an automated tracker, to record the duration of my trip, the length of my ride and also a number of calories I have burnt. In adittion, its GEO tagging, It remembers my previous locations and parking, like a mini memory tracker. Available in six colors, I am currently using the red one that suits my black bike and stands it out.

Well, if your next question is, what if my phone battery dies? Don’t you worry, BitLock has a backup combination mode where you can punch in your 4-digit secret code and lock/unlock your bike?

I have been a happy user of BitLock for the last three years. BitLock can perform with an ingenious design, intelligent power 10,000 locks/unlock operations, making the battery usage up to five years. Last year when some of the mates tried to steal my bike, they had the time of their life in unlocking the system and they couldn’t. BitLock uses the same system as that in the banks, so it gives me carefree time, wherever I park my bike.

I am currently connected with my iPhone 5S, but this system works well on iPhone 4S or 5, 5C and 5S, 6, 6+, (iOS 7 and 8) and most Android phones. All internal components are protected inside a plastic compartment so intense heat and rain would not damage your gadget and you don’t need to protect it with an umbrella.

It is simple, easy and useful. You can buy it online and there will be no subscription fee, no hidden charges, and no installation. Immediate shipping for immediate use.

So like me, say goodbye to all kinds of keys, feel free from the fear of losing your keys. Order BitLock today. One application, one password, and the system is in your hands.

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