New Nokia 3310 by HMD Global


The most anticipated return of the decade

In the last weeks, there was a rumor around the internet that Nokia was going to re-launch the classic Nokia 3310 that everyone had in the 2000s. However, since Nokia no longer produces phones, that seemed rather impossible.

However, officials sources have now confirmed that the rumors are true: the Nokia 3310 is making a glorious comeback, as well as the loved game Snake. A Finish start-up called HMD Global is producing the phone.


The new 3310 will come in at least four colourways. It is a “feature phone”, which means that its operating system will allow web browsing but a small range of apps. SO, don’t expect the features you find in an Android or iOS smartphone.

The new version of the 3310 also features a color screen, unlike the 2000 version, that had a monochrome screen. The new version also features a two-megapixel camera.


The best feature about the phone, and the thing that is making fans of the 3310 most excited is the return of the game Snake. The game will be updated and comes preinstalled on the phone. And don’t worry, the new Nokia 3310 will maintain its ever-lasting battery, We can’t wait!

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