New pocket t-shirts by Champion

If you love a true classic, these t-shirts are for you

Champion is an American manufacturer of clothing, specializing in sportswear. In the 1980s and 1990s it was common to see girls and boys of all age wearing champion sweatshirts over a turtleneck.

Also girls of all ages from kids, tweens, teens, college students and adults wore oversized champion sweatshirts over leggings with slouch socks and sneakers especially Keds.

Now the sportswear brand is back with a classic as iconic as the adidas’ Stan Smith: the basic Champion t-shirts. Girls and Boys from all over the world – me included -went crazy with this news.
So here is what we know about the new launch: the sportswear brand has collaborated with Japanese lifestyle label Beauty & Youth to launch a range of pocket T-shirts.

This cozy item comes after the also exciting launch of a line of cropped tank tops and loose-fit hoodies. These items come just in time for summer. The new t-shirts come in four different colorways: white, purple, brown and black.

he short-sleeved tee feature Champion’s signature branding embroidered above the pocket as well as on one of the sleeves. The t-shirts have an oversized cut,which makes them perfect for both women and men.

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