Nike’s Air Huarache Gladiator Sandals

Photo: Hypebeast | Nike

Is Nike insane or a genius? People are not sure about the new sandals

Every since I was little, I was fascinated by Nike. I would see the sneakers in athletes feet and I would be so jealous. I would have done anything to have Nike related.

Years passed, and I finally had money to purchase some of my favorite Nike items, from runners to t-shirts, caps and workout gear. Nike has always been for me an example of innovation and talent, and usually, I love all of their items.

Photo: Hypebeast | Nike

However, the Swoosh brand recently launched an item that has got me confused. I can’t decide if I love it or hate it. No more mystery: it’s the Air Huarache Gladiator sandal, a gladiator-like sandal that has been released in white and purple colorways.

The new sandals were released last month, just in time for the summertime, that time of year when we switch from sneakers to flip-flops for the sake of our feet’s temperature. The sandals are an adaptation of the Huarache sneaker model, which was transformed into a sporty sandal.

Photo: Hypebeast | Nike

The design resembles the original sneaker, with a rigid sole, and a multiple panel leather upper and straps. Although I can identify the Nike signature design, I can’t decide if I am actually obsessed or sad about this model. I believe that it is one of those cases of love or hate. What do you think?

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