Nike Air VaporMax Sneakers by Nike

Nike Air VaporMax

VaporMax: The pinnacle of air

Nike Air Max was first launched in 1987 and was the first shoe to feature a large, visible Air-cushioning unit. Since then, the model has suffered some change, evolving to an Air unit along the entire sole. Now, there is a new Nike Air VaporMax.

30 years later, the new Nike Air VaporMax debuts, promising to take the sneaker world by storm with a lightweight and consistent cushioning that lasts.

Nike Air VaporMax

While other versions of the shoe featured air units insulated by a second rubber layer – for protection and longer durability – the new sneaker allows air to be incorporated in only one sole.

This means that the shoe is lighter than previous versions. Also, that the new sole becomes more flexible, always making sure that the structure is not compromised. The air unit is accompanied by a Nike Flyknit upper that features support.

Nike Air VaporMax

Flynit is a new form of technology being used in running sneakers. It is inspired by the feedback of runners, who were looking for a shoe that had a sock-fitting feel. According to Nike, the new VaporMax arrive in stores on March 26.

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