Nike Dunk High in Air Jordan 1 Colorway

Nike Dunk High

Nike just loves to bring back classics: meet the new Dunk High

The Jordan 1 was originally released from 1985 to 1986 and took the footwear industry by storm, especially sports lovers who saw Michael Jordan wear them in the basketball court and immediately wished a pair of this sneakers.

At the time, few colorways and version were released. The shoe returned in 2001, with the version that included a Jumpman branded mid-top, but only in 2008 Nike released the Jordan 1 with its original high cut.

Nike Dunk High

Lately, Nike has been releasing various versions of the Jordan, with special emphasis on original colorways. The brand has now transformed the Dunk High into a black and white colorway bringing back the same color palette of a classic original Air Jordan 1.

Nike’s swoosh is placed at the side of the sneakers, and the leather upper is a clear tribute to the precedent set by the original BTTYS Dunks and the OG AJ1.

Nike Dunk High

We are loving this tendency to launch retro models. Nike has been adopting it a lot lately. We hope the Air Jordan will be released on more color palettes and versions. They are on our wishlist!

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