Nike SF- AF1 “Super High” by Nike

A super high military inspired silhouette by Nike

Launched in 1982, the Air Force 1 redefined basketball shoes from the wood fields to tar. They were the first basketball shoes to receive Nike Air technology, but its innovative nature took on a secondary role, maintaining its urban icon status.

The classic Air Force 1 are now ready for the future, to provide an urban utility with a military-inspired design. The SF AF1 features a ballistic-grade nylon top with maximum strength for use under all conditions. The ankle straps are removable, allowing a personalized look. The tongue has a discreet pocket for easy storage.

Nike’s designer Ben Kirschner introduced the Nike SF-AF1 to the world. The silhouette is a takedown of the Nike Air Force 1, keeping the original outsole unit intact. The upper was completely modified with unique materials usually used in military boots to hold you down for the winter.

The SF-AF1 rapidly became one of the most coveted silhouettes of the year, and the SF-AF1 family began growing, with various colorway iterations. With that said, a new exaggerated version of the high-top has recently surfaced: the Nike SF-AF1 “Super High.”

The shoe features an elongated ankle collar and thick wraparound-style laces. The toe, vamp and midsole cast are in white, but the heel and collar feature an “Arctic Tiger Camo” motif.

This is one of Nike’s most daring creations recently but I am sure it will be a huge success. Finally, this design is for streetwear lovers who like to have a futuristic touch in their personal style. We can not wait to see the looks that fashionistas will create with the Nike SF-AF1 “Super High.

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