Simple wallet by Caterpillar

Wallets by caterpillar in brown and black

How a simple wallet by Caterpillar changed my life

I was never able to handle money, there were always lost here and there. My mom used to say I don’t get much money or earn a lot of money because I can’t keep it safe. And that is true; why? Because I never used a wallet.

Lately, when I was paying the bills, I faced an embarrassing situation. Of course, you guessed it right, I dropped all my cards, notes and coins on the floor, making this weird noise that made everyone look at me.

Noticing my embarrassment, one of my friends introduced me to Caterpillar. It was a simple wallet that he had been using for a year. It was super fine, thin wallet by Caterpillar.

Wallets by Caterpillar in black and brown

He had it in brown and looked pretty classy. I got one in black. Smaller than my palm, it has mesh compartments to keep different notes and two credit card sections. I use one for my debit though. Much as it looked thin, this simple piece of art I may call it, also had a coin compartment.

To my surprise, this simple wallet by Caterpillar is made of original leather; therefore it is more durable and lasting than the ordinary ones you see in the market. I am writing this review after five years and I still use the same Caterpillar Wallet. In these years, I have never had any complain about it and my recommendations have gone beyond family and friends.

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