One:1 the first production megacar


One:1 by Swedish brand Koenigsegg

Swedish brand Koenigsegg brought us the new One:1, this new megacar may hand more titles to the well known brand. For now, the program will only present a limited edition of 6 exotic fast cars. It will be easier to win the lottery than to see one of those.

The latest limited edition by Koenigsegg is the first production car in the world with one Megawatt of power, thereby making it the world´s first series produced Megacar.

One:1 breaks the barrier, became the first production car to reach the 1:1 hp to kg curb weight ratio. Yes, its true and it’s the first homologated.

The performance is outstanding, the megacar can go from 0 km/h to 400 km/h in just 20 seconds. That’s what you can fell with 1 MW.

As astonishing as the engine performance is the braking system, the Ventilated ceramic discs with ceramic piston calipers can take you from 400 km/h to zero in a short breathtaking 10 seconds.



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