Organic Glass bag by Inga Skripka


Not a glass slipper but a glass backpack

Every little girl has heard the story about a peasant who goes to a ball wearing glass slippers and meets a prince. And although the idea of a shoe made of glass doesn’t seem very comfortable, women have been fascinated by the concept for years.


However, modern-day Cinderellas are much more practical and can now wear glass backpacks. This brilliant yet minimalist product was designed by Inga Skripka, a 25-year-old designer from Lithuania that creates minimalist aesthetics and functional designs.

In her online store, Inga sells clothes, accessories and bags, all with a very coherent visual look and futuristic feel. Our favorite product is this organic glass backpack, perfect for an original finish to a clean look.


This backpack may look a little unconventional, but that is exactly what attracts us. You may want to be extra careful with this item because organic glass is more prone to scratching than conventional inorganic glass.


The organic glass bag by Inga Skripka is completely handmade and can be ordered in Inga’s online store. The designer ships them worldwide. We will be extra curious for what is more to come from this young bright designer.

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